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May 16, 2017 Rita Maia 2 comments

The second day of the BP17 Translation Conference took place in Hotel Aréna, Budapest. Unlike day 1, with the TEDx style sessions, these were delivered in a more traditional format, with 50-minute sessions. Because there were 3 parallel tracks, we could only attend 1/3 of the sessions. Let me tell you about some of the…

May 14, 2017 Rita Maia No comments exist

This year’s BP Translation Conference, organised by freelance translator Csaba Bán, took place on 5 & 6 May in Budapest, Hungary. More than 150 translators from around the world attended BP17 Conference and it was memorable. Morning Sessions The first day took off in the most beautiful venue, Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház, located in downtown Budapest….

June 24, 2016 Rita Maia No comments exist

When in need of translation services, who should companies turn to in order to meet their linguistic needs? Google Translate? A staff member who has loads of time to look up words in a bilingual dictionary? A friend who travels frequently and doesn’t seem to have difficulty asking for directions in different languages? A cousin who…