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Posted by Rita Maia on May 14, 2017

BP17 Translation Conference – Part I

This year’s BP Translation Conference, organised by freelance translator Csaba Bán, took place on 5 & 6 May in Budapest, Hungary. More than 150 translators from around the world attended BP17 Conference and it was memorable. Morning Sessions The first day took off in the most beautiful venue, Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház, located in downtown Budapest. Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on April 18, 2017

Translation Tests and Tantrums

As most translators know, some translation agencies include a translation test in their recruitment process. This can be free or paid at a full or reduced rate. A successful outcome will get the freelancer in the agency’s database. At least in theory, this will get both parties involved in collaboration. Now, some translators refuse to Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on March 12, 2017

Encontro de Profissionais da Escrita

O acordo ortográfico de 1990   “Quer com ou sem o novo acordo?” Esta deve ser das perguntas que os tradutores portugueses mais fazem aos seus clientes. Não basta saber que a tradução é em português europeu. É necessário sabermos se o texto traduzido deve respeitar as regras do chamado novo acordo ortográfico (AO90), ou Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on January 24, 2017

A Palavra do Ano e o Estado da Nação

A Palavra do Ano® é uma iniciativa da Porto Editora que visa “sublinhar a riqueza lexical e o dinamismo criativo da língua portuguesa”. Ao longo do ano, a editora analisa a frequência do uso das palavras. Nos meios de comunicação, redes sociais e consultas online, a distribuição e uso dos vocábulos são observados de modo Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on December 30, 2016

On plans, wishes and resolutions for 2017

I have never been one to make resolutions when the end of the year approached; not on a personal level, anyway. Lose weight, quit smoking (I’m not a smoker) or eat healthy didn’t really make sense to add to some list. Nowadays, when running my own business, making plans is a must. Looking deep into Read more…

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