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Posted by Rita Maia on October 3, 2017

False friends in English and Portuguese – Part II

  This is part two of a bilingual list of terms that look similar in writing but translate quite differently in Portuguese and English. These terms are known as false friends. The similarities can easily lead to mix-ups and poor use of language so I hope you can find this list useful. In case you Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on September 19, 2017

Falsos amigos em português e inglês

  Os false friends ou falsos amigos são, em linguística, cada uma das palavras de línguas distintas que, apesar de muito parecidas na forma, são diferentes no significado. Por esse motivo, facilmente induzem em erro o falante menos atento ou não proficiente nos idiomas em questão. Nesta publicação, apresento a primeira parte de uma lista Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on September 19, 2017

False friends in English and Portuguese

In linguistics, false friends are those words from different languages which look very similar in writing but actually mean different things. For that reason, they can easily lead to error a less careful or knowledgeable speaker in the languages concerned. On this post, I will be displaying a list of 50 false friends between English Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on August 12, 2017

Book Review: Tapping Into Translators’ Creativity

  Greek translator Magda Phili has put together an interesting book called Tapping Into Translators’ Creativity, dedicated to fellow freelance translators working hard on their craft. This little book focuses on creativity and how translators’ work really is a creative one, although those outside of the world of languages and even translators themselves sometimes don’t Read more…

Posted by Rita Maia on May 16, 2017

BP17 Translation Conference – Part II

The second day of the BP17 Translation Conference took place in Hotel Aréna, Budapest. Unlike day 1, with the TEDx style sessions, these were delivered in a more traditional format, with 50-minute sessions. Because there were 3 parallel tracks, we could only attend 1/3 of the sessions. Let me tell you about some of the Read more…

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